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Welcome to Roleplayers' Tavern!

Roleplayers' Tavern is a website built from the ground up with features to help groups roleplay online. Have a virtual family tree, define your own inheritance and family history, or use your own species of organisms to define who you are. We create a unique experience for those who enjoy roleplaying. Unlike other sites, Roleplayers' Tavern has a more lenient set of rules. We allow a lot of different concepts of roleplaying, including RPG roleplaying, adult roleplaying, and other sorts a long those lines as long as they are permitted in our agreement.

We hope you enjoy using Roleplayers' Tavern. As we develop the site we will add more features and improve existing features over time. If you have any idea(s), or suggestion(s) you may submit to them to the developers' inbox at development@rptavern.org. You may receive a reply if necessary, or if we have any questions regarding your inquiry.

Oh yes, did we forget to mention? It's free! You can create an account here if you haven't already.